The Path to Central Bank
digital Currency

Empowering the Central Bank and its ecosystem with a state-of-the-art, permissioned blockchain for hybrid CBDC solutions, compliant with national regulations.

Solutions for Central Bank

CBDC: Digital money for everyone and anywhere

We designed and developed a digital financial system, complete with real-time payments and cross-border settlements to build your national CBDC solution.
1CBDC offers Central Banks more control of their money supply and people a way to pay and store their wealth digitally.
A retail CBDC is a digital version of physical cash. It is issued by a central bank, pegged to a local currency that becomes available to everyone and everyone.

Easily accessible and transparent

CBDC will be accepted by all merchants, organizations, and businesses in the country with ease, without any complications.
Moreover, citizens shall be able to pay instantly even without having access to an internet connection.
CBDC improves transparency of money flows, since all transactions occurring will be instantly recorded and cannot be modified.

Privacy & Security

Privacy is considered as the most important feature of a CBDC by both citizens and professionals.
CBDC will follow a strict data-protection-by-design and by-default approach, a CBDC can increase data protection and security in digital payments and provide payers more control over their personal data.


2 management portals

To manage the CDBC accounts for both the wholesale and retail sides

API for developers

To build flexible blockchain-based financial applications to be used by the broader ecosystem, incl. financial institutions, payment service providers and others

Blockchain explorer

Central Bank blockchain explorer to monitor transactions

API for Central Bank

To bridge the current tools to CBDC if needed


Communication with other blockchains


Settlement for licensed bank / trade partners in the government accepted jurisdictions with through smart contract

Real time

Real time FX transaction for licensed members via FX swap

Mobile wallet

Application and NFC physical card solutions to receive and spend CBDC

Point of Sale

(POS) for merchants to accept the CBDC

Management portal

For Retail Stores, merchants and companies
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